The Story about Veere di Wedding – 2018


The story about Veere di Wedding: Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar) Avni (Sonam Kapoor Ahuja), Meera,(Shikha Talsania)and Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor Khan)are childhood friends. Rishabh (Sumeet Vyas), Kalindi and are getting bounded for life, and the four girl pals coming together for their friend “Veere’s” wedding. But as usual, there won’t be marriage without scenes and a lot of dramatics. This marriage celebration brings out from the closest, hidden truths and some tough fact also.


Four pals dealing with life, heartbreak, love, and marriage aren’t the common concept. But ‘Veere Di Wedding’ a rare prospect is that here all the four ladies have guts to live their life as they want. nothing can stop these girls. They speak what they want without agitation, while they’re having a discussion about sleeping with someone before marriage, the lack of after marriage, about sex toys and orgasm. They share the experience and jest over it imagining their situations in life. Certain things, which most of us may not agree with. It’s fun to see a movie having its female characters, in not just an onward light, but also with several drawback and break. It gives them the independence to make mistakes and carry on and that’s the luster of it. These girls are unshakeable using abusive words to express their anger or get high and happy to let their legs on the dance floor. They don’t care to answer or exhort themselves or justify their actions, and that is one of the features of the film.

Story about Veere di Wedding

In this story, we introduce to the four pals and see their complexities. Kalindi(Kareena Kapoor Khan) can’t understand with the idea of marriages and the other problems that come with it. She’s just moving in flow because she’s in love. Avni( Sonam Kapoor Ahuja) is not able to find a life partner through her snapping mom (Neena Gupta) is frequently trying to search her a suitable life partner match. Sakshi(Swara Bhaskar) is a little too fiery to be in a relationship and Meera is married to a foreigner and they have one child, but her marriage isn’t working smoothly either.

The best thing about Shashanka Ghosh’s “director” ‘Veere Di Wedding’ is the nature that these Veeres shares and their conflicting chemistry. They are four millennial girls who live their life carefreely. But the story could have done with is a little more good in each character, which makes the audience feel for the movie. Here, you understand their complex but do n’t become a part of their journey. There is some good moment of laugh-out-loud though, and some of the best dialogues lines are delivered effortlessly. A little more detail in writing could have made the movie more fun. While the discussion is entertaining, a lot of movie time is lost in the girls’ talk as the movie doesn’t quite move on.

The story of Kalindi’s (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is the main character of it all and other then the other characters and their story unfold. Swara, Shikha, and Sonam are busy on their own personal problems. Kareena playing good in her character as a girl trying to find her own answer about the marriage. Sonam Kapoor as the girl continuously searching for love also bares her imperfection, giving some sweet and funny moments in the film. Shikha as the loud and bold woman pulls off her role with ease. Swara as a bold and fearless, rich brat adds the right amount of fun to the movie.

The four pals are beautifully dressed and styled in every scene, whether they’re introspecting, moping, parting or just having a good time. while the girls are firing dialogues with cool confidence, what disturbs the experience is the background score that constantly underlays the dialogues. The tracks like Bhangra Ta Sajda’ and  ‘Tareefan’ setting the mood for the moments.

The four leading pals break the famous glass ceiling with their sexy stilettos. We’ve commonly seen ladies on screen who are so uninhibited about their life, sexuality, and desires. In that ratio, ‘Veere Di Wedding’ is a bold effort indeed. This movie will be more appreciated by the younger generations who can relate to the discussions and standstill of these Veeres.

and ‘TAREEFAN’ setting the mood for the moment


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