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RACE 3 MOVIE:- Bollywood’s darling brother Salman Khan’s hit avid film Race-3 movie has been released today. In Fans, there was a special craze about Brother’s film. In the film star of so many stars, you expect to see some fun but regret that you feel disappointed. After the last two hit franchises of the race film this year, the star cast of the race has changed a lot. Only Anil Kapoor is from the previous films, who is also in the race this time, while Jacqueline Fernandes is also in ‘Race 3’ after ‘Race 2’. Remo D’Souza has directed ‘Race 3’ movie instead of Director Abbas-Mustan. Let us tell you that there is nothing to do with this ‘Race 3’ from the previous two films.
The story of the film begins with Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor), who comes to Al Shifa Iceland after being hunted by a conspiracy from India 25 years ago. She is an illegal arms dealer. Sikandar (Salman Khan) son of his elder brother Ranchod Singh is his right hand. After the death of an elder in an accident, Shamsher married his sister-in-law, so that his twin children were Suraj (Shakib Salim) and Sanjana (Daisy Shah). Another character of the film, Yash (Bobby Deol) is Bodyguard of Alexander. At the same time, Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandes) was the first girlfriend of Alexander, but then she comes up with success.
Alexander gives life to his family, but his half-siblings hate him. They also incite Yash on their side. Shamsher wants to go back to India in his life and luck gets him a chance. To complete this mission, along with Alexander, Sun, Sanjana, Yash, and Jessica go to Cambodia, where Sun, Sanjana, and Yash meet together to trap Alexander, but he escapes with the help of Jessica. After that, there are many such secrets that you will have to watch the cinema to know.SALMAN KHAN- RACE 3 MOVIE FULL REVIEW


Salman Khan has replaced Saif Ali Khan in the film. Of course, he looks smart enough and has done many good action scenes, but definitely, he will miss Saif’s favorite race. Fans of Salman Khan on Eid needs the great action of a brother. For them, there are some scenes in the beginning and at the end, but at the level of the story, the movie is absolutely silly. As the film progresses, you expect that something will happen, something will happen now, but by then two hours have passed. Seeing the first half of the film, especially you feel looted. There are definitely some twists in the second half, but not that you are thrilled. It does not understand why Ramo D’Souza took the risk of making a three-hour film for a couple of hours.
If you talk about the rest of the cast, then Anil Kapoor is as good as ever. At the same time, Jacqueline and Daisy Shah did fine stunts. Shakib Salim has played his role. After a long time, Bobby Deol, who returned to the screen, has done some action scenes by taking the shirt down, but his expression does not support him in the matter of acting without a face. While Ferdinar Druwala, who plays the villain, does not know why this movie has been signed. In the race family itself, there are so many villains that there is no scope for them. You will also be surprised to see the film’s cast in Bhojpuri talking. Shamsher, who came from Allahabad, still understands the matter, but why does Sikandar, who grew up in Beijing, talk to Bhojpuri, it does not understand.
However, the cinematography of the movie is very good. Of course, you will love shooting a movie made on the best places in Bangkok and Abu Dhabi. At the same time, action and fight scenes are also good in 3D. But the rest of the songs, except for one or two, have been forced into the film. Especially the selphish song is beyond understanding. However, manufacturers have finally left the scope for a sequel. Keep in mind that this movie is just for the fans of Salman and not only, but those who come to the heart do not understand. The rest of the spectators go to the movies on their own risks.

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