Robot 2.0 Movie Cast, Crew Akshay Kumar Rajnikanth

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Robot 2.0: Akshay Kumar, Rajnikanth film has been very much discussed and it has gained quite a popularity and now another film is going to release after this, which was being talked about for a long time. Yes, we are talking about robot 2.0’s. whose villain is Akshay Kumar, and hero Rajnikanth

If you are going to watch this movie then you must read this post of us because in it we are going to tell you about the film cast, its story and some other things that will give you a lot of enthusiasm to watch your film. Know about robot 2.0.

Robot 2.0 Movie story
Vashikaran is a great scientist in Robot 2.0, it will be played by Rajinikanth, a very famous South man. He will create a robot which is more powerful and dapper, the character of this robot will be played by Akshay Kumar, according to Robot 2.0, Akshay Kumar will later become a villain.
Seeing this, Vashikaran will again create Chitti shown in the previous part of a robot. She will fight with Akshay Kumar later, who will win now, it will know only if you see the film.
Robot 2.0 Movie Cast
It is a film actor, it is considered as the life of South, the people of South Africa are very much liked by them and people come in millions of people to watch their film.

Robot 2.0 Movie Cast, Crew, Akshay Kumar, Rajnikanth

He started his filmi carrier when it was the conductor of the bus and you touched so many talents that he now goes to the God of Indian cinema.

It mostly works in Tamil cinema !! He worked in many films, where many films were appearing on the box office, including robots, bulandi, angels, embers, ants, revolutionaries, thieves house theft, terror panic, Dalipati, flower made embers, blood loans, god of humanity etc. Head and now it seems that the break of all these films will be robot 2.0!

Akshay Kumar
It is also a film actor. He has worked in more than 100 films, he does more work in Bollywood, if he is supposed to have more than 3 films in 1 year, most of whom are hit just before the national film In the fare award, the award of the Best Actor is given in addition to these and has been awarded many more awards. There are 2 Awards for the recently released film Rustom and now they are working in Robot 2.0. It is a villain’s roll To be found Which are quite powerful and dynamic
Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson is an Indian actress and at the same time she is the British model and actress also Amy Jackson came to the Indian Industry through a Tamil film in 2010, after which Ami Jackson has done many films, many of which were hit Has been too

Amy has worked in Hindi and Telugu as well as in films and now robot 2.0 also Amy Jackson is playing a very important role.

Sudhanshu Pandey
Sudhanshu is an Indian actor and an Indian model, he started his film career with the film Khiladi 420 in 2000, in the film he had worked with Akshay Kumar, the film also got quite a popularity and now Sudhanshu robot 2.0 I am also working.

Kalabhavab Shajon
He is an Indian actor and comedy actor who works mainly in Mallayam’s films, he has worked many times in Mallayam’s films, he also acted in the blockbuster film scene released in 2013, in which the negative role is that of Villain The rolls were also seen in Robot 2.0.

Riyaz Khan
Riyaz Khan is an Indian film actor and model. He has acted in many films, along with Riyaz Khan has also worked in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada films. Some of his major films were Badri in 2001, Baba in the year 2002, 2002 Ramana in 2003, the Ballaratan in 2003, Winner in 2003, Runway in the year 2004 and the person in 2005 and is still working in Robot 2.0.
The crew of the Movie Robot 2.0
S. Shankar {the director of film}
Shankar is a Telugu director and producer. He works in Telugu cinema. He made his first film called Gentle in 1993. Shortly after this, he made a movie called Jeans in 1998, for which he was given the Best Foreign Language Film award and now The film is directing Robot 2.0.

Allirajhan subh Karan {the producer of film}
Aliraja Subaskaran is a filmmaker and founder and president of Lycomobile. He started his career in 2014 with his debut “Kaththi”.

Jaimohan {the writer of the film}
Jaimohan is a Tamil, Malayalam writer and literary critic of Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu, his most famous novel is Kanyakumari, Kadu, Rubber, Pin, Water Manning, Izzam Ullagam and now the film is authored by Robot 2.0.

Rahman {the music director of the film}
Rahman is an Indian composer, singer song, music producer and composer! In the year 2017, he made his debut as director and writer of “Salt” on November 11 in the movie, he is a music electronic music world music and with the traditional orchestral system, Indian classical Known for music and now Rahman is the music director of robot 2.0.


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